Mantua Surgelati
Mantua Surgelati was founded in 1968 in Castelbeforte, Italy. The largest production location of this family business is still located in this region, between Milan, Verona, and Bologna. Through various acquisitions, Mantua has grown into a specialist in low-cost frozen ice-cream and pizza products. Historically, Mantua is one of the most important players in the frozen pizza market. Mantua produces more than a million pizzas a day for the retail market. All important ingredients needed for quality products are grown and processed in-house. For example, tomatoes are grown and managed by subsidiary Columbus. Mantua offers a wide portfolio of pizza products, including pizzas with hand-stretched base, American pizzas, and mini pizzas.

De IJsfabriek
De IJsfabriek in Doetinchem produced its first ice-cream in March 1998 under the guidance of ice-cream master Jan Monster. Since that initial moment in production, we have been working step by step on expanding the ice-cream range and customer base. De IJsfabriek continues to produce the best ice-cream for a wide range of customers from Singapore to Brazil, led by Jan Monster. De IJsfabriek is SKAL and IFS Higher Level-certified.

Cookup Solutions
This French company was founded in 1976 and focuses in particular on development, production, and marketing of ready-to-eat frozen meals. Cookup Solutions is an innovative and leading player in Private Label Ready Meals within Europe, producing more than 40,000,000 meals a year from two production sites.

Swinkels Snackery & Bakery
Swinkels Snackery & Bakery in Cuijk is a specialist in high-quality kaassoufflés (deep-fried chees snacks), (sweet and savoury) puff pastry products, and bread dough products.

Fishmasters is part of the Kennemervis Group and a leading supplier of a wide range of fresh, frozen, and pre-processed fish and fish products. As a modern company, Fishmasters offers innovative products and concepts with added value. For example, Fishmasters uses ovens in which fish products can be pre-fried without adding fat. The R&D team is constantly working on developing new technologies and processes to surprise customers with improved products that are more convenient and more inventive.

Smart Ice
Smart Ice is an organisation that focuses on innovative freezing technology at product and process level. Thanks to their specialist knowledge, we can improve the quality of products, extend their shelf life, and change the characteristics of ingredients. A uniquely-developed fibre technology also allows us to offer, for example, additive-free ice lollies made from 100% fruit and vegetables. Pure, healthy, and delicious!

Pizza & Baguette
This Austrian family business operates from a state-of-the-art factory where the tastiest baguettes, bruschetta, and ciabatta are prepared using only natural ingredients. Every day food service companies in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France enjoy the high quality standards upheld by this young organisation. Products are not pre-baked and can therefore be baked fresh.

As a part of Trident, Pickenpack is one of the largest European fish suppliers as well as a leading name in Private Label fish concepts. With a huge fleet of its own in the oceans surrounding Alaska, and several production locations around the world, this conglomerate is also one of the largest fish processors in the world. This cooperation safeguards the backward chain and its quality issues, which is of course essential in this sector. Most important, however, is the synergy of merging portfolios. As a result of this merger, Lensingfood is able to cover the entire portfolio, from basic content to added value.