One of Lensingfood’s specialties is a juicy piece of fish in crispy batter, sometimes lightly seasoned and sometimes very spicy. All types of fish are available pre-cooked or not pre-cooked.


Traditionally prepared fish provides an unparalleled taste experience, as well as nostalgia. Lensingfood offers this experience – fish cooked at the perfect temperature, with the right dose of patience and a unique feeling.


A nice piece of hand-filled fish with one of many available sauces. The fillings add that extra touch to the delicious, carefully-selected filet. Our fish can be prepared in different ways: natural, breaded, and pre-fried.

Fish in puff pastry

Tasty MSC/ASC-certified fish in a sensational marinade, covered in a crispy layer of puff pastry. This delicious fish can be served as part of a good meal or as a handy snack with a drink.

Crustaceans and shellfish

From prawns and crawfish caught in the wild in Mozambique to cooked king crab legs from the far north, Lensingfood offers the best quality crustaceans and shellfish from the top catching and breeding locations. The processing possibilities are endless.