Jersey ice-cream

Jersey cow’s milk naturally contains 20% more protein and more omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a different fat and protein content than regular cow’s milk. This is what makes Jersey ice-cream so creamy and exceptional, and why the European ice-cream champion uses this milk!

Sorbet ice-cream

Sorbet ice-cream is essential for summer days and dessert. Besides familiar flavours such as lemon and raspberry, De IJsfabriek also offers exciting variations such as apple-cinnamon and blood orange.

Scoop ice-cream

Since 1998, De IJsfabriek has been making artisanal scoop ice-cream in the tastiest flavour combinations by experienced ice-cream master Jan Monster. With full IFS and SKAL certification, organic ice-cream concepts are also available at Lensingfood and De IJsfabriek.

Alcohol ice-cream

Summery beer ice-cream, festive champagne ice-cream, trendy cocktail ice-creams, and luxurious dessert ice-cream. Thanks to Smart Ice’s unique fibre technology, both handheld ice-creams and the creamy variety can be made with an alcohol percentage of up to 10% in all shapes and sizes.

Water- and fruit ice lollies

Fruit ice lollies from 100% fruit and vegetable purees, made possible thanks to Smart Ice’s unique fibre technology. Full of vitamins and fibre, and extremely low in calories. Available under your Private Label or our own brand, ‘Frozzies’.

Protein ice-cream

The demand for food containing protein is increasing rapidly. Unsurprising, as proteins ensure good metabolism and muscle regeneration. Lensingfood can play an important role in this for you.

Holiday specialties

Depending on your wishes, Lensingfood offers tailored solutions for striking and distinctive holiday offerings. We’ll work with you to make that special moment a success.