Lensingfood is an authority in the organic pizza market. Besides organic bases such as wheat, spelt, and wholemeal, we also offer a wide variety of organic toppings.

Mini pizza

Looking for pizzas for a smaller appetite, or for a cocktail party? Lensingfood and Mantua can take care of this for you! Our mini pizzas are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and packaging.


Lensingfood and Mantua can also be your partner for American pizzas. This pizza is characterised by a thick, airy, bread-like base, with unlimited possibilities in toppings.


Hand-stretching pizza dough creates an airy base with a thick crust around the edges. According to experts, this is the only real base – also called the Neapolitan-style pizza base.

Thin & crispy

For the thinnest, crispiest pizza base, you can rely on Lensingfood and our partner Mantua. This wafer-thin base is developed through a special laminating and stretching process, so the base is not only crispier than a regular base, but also lower in salt and fat content.


The Ristorante pizza is the most famous and highest-selling type of pizza on the market. With its thin, crispy base, Ristorante is a household name in pizza. This pizza can be prepared to your specifications, with all kinds of toppings available.